Floormat.com Provides Wall-To-Wall Carpet Matting, Offering Large-Scale Solutions


Floormat.com, an industry-leading company, website and online store that stocks many top brands of floor matting equipment, is offering wall-to-wall floor mats. These wall-to-wall floor mats are a newer product and may fit the needs of a variety of customers who may require wall-to-wall floor mats as a solution to various problems. Beyond wall-to-wall floor mats, Floormat.com offers many different products related to floor matting solutions including slip-resistant and anti-slip matting solutions. The company serves both individual and commercial customers.

The primary wall-to-wall floor matting product available via Floormat.com is made by the manufacturer Waterhog and is known as Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Matting. This matting is listed as being designed for larger entrances which may require a larger floor matting solution as well as certain areas that may require custom-cut installations. Among the reasons given for these mats being especially conducive to large entryways, other than their size, are their ability to limit the amount of dirt, snow and moisture that are ultimately tracked into the main area of a location.

Floormat.com notes, in its description of the Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Matting product, that potential buyers of the product may see it as an investment. The reason such matting may be considered an investment, according to information provided by Floormat.com, is that the dirt, snow and moisture that this matting extracts and collects would otherwise be tracked into the floor of a building. This extraction and collection of material is made possible, according to the website, by the unique ridged construction of the mat. Contact and accumulation of these substances on flooring, the information further states, leads to increased maintenance costs to deal with the wear-and-tear. Thus, by reducing wear-and-tear on floors, the Eco Elite Roll Matting employed in a large entryway may be able to reduce maintenance costs.

The wall-to-wall floor matting product is available on Floormat.com in a range of widths. The largest width available is 12 feet. The Waterhog Eco Elite mats are also listed by Floormat.com as being manufactured out of material that is environmentally friendly. The mats, the company indicates, are made out of 100% post-consumer recycled PET polyester. This material is derived from recycled plastic drink bottles. More details can be found at http://www.floormat.com/floor-mats/large-area-matting.html

Other wall-to-wall matting solutions are also available on Floormat.com. Among the other options is the 3M Nomad Extreme Traffic Wall-To-Wall Carpet Matting 9800. This option is listed as a looped pile carpet matting. Floormat goes on to note that the Nomad 9800 is intended for high-traffic entrances where the aforementioned substances of snow, water and dirt may be tracked in from outside. The Nomad 9800 is listed, in contrast to the Waterhog Eco Elite, as coming in 74” wide rolls. For these mats, Floormat.com acknowledges, professional installation is recommended.

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